“Wonderful class, did not dwell on calories. We learned about health, nutrition and living a better life. My weight loss was great but what I learned was the most important element of time well spent.”                                          –Brenda

“The one-on-one support from Denise has made a real difference. She provides multiple strategies for achieving your goal, with the right mixture of accountability and encouragement you need to quit for good. Highly recommended.”
                                                                   –Anonymous (on smoking cessation coaching)

“Finally the light bulb came on for several us and we said let’s call our friend Denise and get her in here to get us going. The rest is history. She has lived it, worked it, studied and taught it…this thing called a better lifestyle. She will never say one plan fits all– she’s much to smart for that — but she will guide, direct, and answer all your concerns and be your biggest cheerleader.. On a personal note my health was in HIGH risk and I knew if I was to be here for a few more years I had only one choice do better! I have and will work at it one day at a time. Down 20+lbs since April.”   –Gloria

“Food and eating are often entangled with many other issues.  Denise is masterful at untangling these complexities with humor, compassion, authenticity and personal experience.  Working with her is magical and inspiring.”  –Virginia

“Thank you so much for the Happy Body Workshop!  It contributes to my life daily.  It made me feel better about my soul and I met some really chill girls in the process, too.”

–Blair, 14, Happy Body for Teenage Girls participant


“I was inspired by Denise Stewart who has to be one of the most entertaining speakers I’ve ever heard.”                                                                 –Marijean Jaggers, Jaggers Communications


“THANK YOU for sharing your insights and expertise with our folks.  I heard nothing but rave reviews from your session…one person even said you should have been the keynote address!” –Melissa O’Neill, Virginia Dept. of Criminal Justice

“I’ve been through 9 different weight loss programs.  I was very committed and successful for the first few weeks, but for whatever reason, I stopped.  With this program, it’s been 9 months and I know this has helped me create a lifestyle change for not just weight loss, but I have lost 45 pounds.  My new goal in life is flexibility of mind, body, and spirit.  Denise’s experience and intuition is invaluable.  It’s not a corporate prescription.”                                                             –Odell Covington, MJH Phase I Participant

“Your presentation was wonderful and the message was very appropriate and helpful for those in attendance.  Feedback from attendees was beyond positive — people thought you were very entertaining was well as inspiring.”                                   –Keli Lichty, NRV Cares


“I’ve been working with Denise Stewart for months now, and she’s really been helping me to love my body just the way it is, and also has been helping me to figure out for myself why I resist making some healthier choices when it comes to my body, my weight, nutrition, exercise, and habits.  I can’t rave enough about how much Denise has been (and continues to be) helping me figure this stuff out. ” –Christine Gresser, Happy Body Workshop Small Group Participant

“With Denise’s help, I’ve learned to focus on my progress instead of my imperfections. Don’t get me wrong, I still see stuff that bothers me, but Denise has given me tools to put those things into perspective.   I never introduced a change that I didn’t feel like I could easily sustain indefinitely. This program isn’t a boot camp, but it has been a game-changer for me. Twelve weeks later I am much more aware of how I think about myself, my emotions, my language, my activity level, and what I’m eating.    This program has touched every facet of my life. My relationships are better, my energy is better and more consistent (both physical and emotional energy), and I’m generally healthier.”         –Nathan Hayes, Crutchfield Corp.


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