When the Going Gets Roughage

Cucumber, avocado, walnuts, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and salt and pepper.

This is the lunch I make for myself when it’s time to get serious.  When I need to get healthy.  It’s not a righteous lunch, but more a line in the sand.  It’s the lunch I make when I’m ready to break up with the cookies.

It’s not easy to talk about a diet “clean up” without making it sound like a bad romance or an ungodly war, but if you’ve ever been in the clutches of sugar addiction, you know it’s hard to walk away without a strategy, a “That’s it!  I’m done!” speech, or at least a little “it’s not you, it’s me” banter.

I’m not alone. Well, I’m alone when I’m eating raw cookie dough, but I’m not really alone.  Other people are feeling more hooked on crackers than than classics these days.  They tell me so.  One friend told me today that she and her husband are giving up flour and sugar.  One friend emailed me (yes, today) to say that she’d read some reviews and she had chosen the cleanse she believed in most.  She said she’d give me updates.

It’s in the same air that’s starting to blow leaves and acorns.  We’re on the brink of a season change.  That’s when people talk about detoxing and cleansing and getting straight with healthy food.  That’s when they also talk about pumpkin muffins and tailgating, but some people do mark the seasons with some form of a fast.

It’s not always easy or desirable to name why you seek some marker of the seasons, but I’ve been in the business of wellness coaching and weight loss long enough to know that people aren’t motivated to change their diets in May, July, November, or February.  Look for people to crave cleansing in January, March, June and September.

As for me, it’s not just because harvest candles aren’t enough.  It’s not that I want to dance outside with the grass under my feet and get in touch with my autumnal equinox inner goddess.  It’s not that I think it sounds good to talk about the cleansing of impurities of my bowels on Facebook.

It’s more about feeling sluggish and ugly.  I’m having trouble bouncing back energetically and emotionally after a long trip.  I’m in search of a re-boot.

So, there’s my battle bowl above.  My fibrous flag of both surrender and attack.  Last year at this time I did a 30 day raw food fast (that lasted 25 days).  I remember many things about that fast.  Mostly that it was weird in the beginning, awesome in the middle and tough at the end.  I’m going for 15 days this time.  This again will be a raw food fast.  When I saw raw, I mean that approximately 80% of what I eat will be raw foods.  The non-raw foods will include some bowls of brown rice with sesame oil, a little dark chocolate, a little peanut butter if I get desperate, and as I did last time, I’m keeping coffee in.  One thing I learned last time is that that without much protein, I didn’t feel much like exercising.  I found some protein shakes at Whole Foods that are raw, and I’m supplementing with those, and think those will make the fast easier.

I’m off to yoga and certain enlightenment.  Wish me luck…

Doing your own Fall Fast or some sort of seasonal cleansing? Let me know.

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