When Considering a Green Breakfast…

When considering nourishing foods this weekend, consider the glories of cucumber, avocado, spinach, limes, celery, cilantro and green salsa…for breakfast.

Your skin will thank you.


This is the Gazpacho Verde recipe that I mentioned in my Round-up yesterday.

I thought I better put my mouth where my avocado is.


Don’t daydream (too much) about spa escapes.

Make a daily or weekly habit of restorative practices of rest, re-hydration, and…raw vegetables.

Make your own beauty soup.

Trust that they’re serving and smearing avocado all over the place, and you could do that, too…for $1.99 a pop.


Don’t forget the salsa.  I almost forgot the salsa.

If you want to go really low-sodium, forget the salsa.


That’s ice on top of the spinach.  I could not and did not use all of the spinach.  My food processor was overflowing.


Note:  preparation of this soup pairs really well with coffee and the Lauryn Hill Station on Pandora.

You can find this complete recipe in Paleo Recipes published The Meredith Store.

I’ve shown you all of the ingredients and quantities, but that’s where you can find the recipe.