Deedee’s Round-up #1

Updates, tidbits, ideas, and occasional preaching by Denise Stewart, Wellness Coach    


“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” 
                                                                                               —Isak Dinesen
1.  Gazpacho Verde…a recipe book for you
I’m doubling down on water and green foods/soups this summer, and you should, too.  I know about the ice cream, but I don’t want to talk about ice cream.  
Stop with the ice cream.  

I highly recommend this periodical of recipes.  I have been making recipes from this cookbook/magazine (which is temporarily at Harris Teeter and surely plenty of other stores, or you can order it here.


2.  Interested in trying a spin/cycle class?

Interested in sweating your face off?  
Because of a couple free opportunities, I’ve been able to take a couple classes at Zoom, a new spin studio here in town (at Barracks Road Shopping Center).
They actually have a number of deals going all summer that might draw you in, including your first class free, and so on and so forth.  It’s a 45 minute workout that is both lower and upper body (but you stay on the bike the whole time), and for a change of pace (by which I mean a faster, harder, louder, sweatier pace…and a really good workout). Their motto is:


So…there you go.  Be adventurous.
3.  Get Thee to the Theatre (also known as Shameless Self-Promotion Time)
Need more entertainment in air-conditioned confines?  I’ve got an idea.  Come see me in a play.  This summer I’ll be playing one of the Pigeon Sisters in Neil Simon’s THE ODD COUPLE.  It opens at Heritage Theatre Festival on July 28 and runs through August 6.  If you’re not familiar, this is the professional summer theatre company that’s hosted annually by the UVA Drama Department.  I went to the opening performance of The Pirates of Penzance last night, and I loved it.  It was a packed house and a really talented cast and orchestra.  I hope you’ll think about going and bringing friends or family— it’s a great line-up of shows: